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SAP BTP Hands-On for Architects and Developers (Level 1 + Level 2)

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About Course

CLICK HERE…[๐ŸŽCourse Details] : SAP BTP Training for Architects & Developers (Hands-On)

After completing this course, you will be well-prepared to pursue the following SAP Certifications:

BTP Tarining Certifications L1 L2 ACloudGuruji.com
BTP Tarining Certifications L1 L2 ACloudGuruji.com

Course Name: SAP BTP Hands-On for Architects & Developers (Recommended!)



  1. Lifetime Access
  2. Live Doubt Clearing Session (weekend on-demand)
  3. Instant doubt clearing in WhatsApp
  4. Free* Mentorship by Partha (2-hour** exclusive one-to-one interaction and career guide)

After enrolling the course you will get the invitation for ๐Ÿ“บ LIVE doubt clearing session (On-Demand) during weekends as well as you will be part of an exclusive ๐Ÿ’ฌ WhatsApp discussion forum, where our experts will try to solve any ongoing issues or resolve your queries.

This training is focused on SAP BTP Extension Suite and of course Database & Data management and some part of Intelligent Technologies and Automation.

Enlarge below image to get the overall chapters in this training. Be it a programmer, configurator, or architect, anyone can take this course, check out the chapter wise legends for the same.

aCloudGuruji BTP Training
aCloudGuruji BTP Training

You will learn end-to-end application development with real-world business scenarios.


  • BAS (Business Application Studio) based developments & Git based Code version Control
  • HANA cloud + CAPM + FIORI element based transactional or report application development
  • Cloud Workflow based business workflow
  • HANA cloud based data models in Calculation View consuming real S/4 HANA data
  • Extensive real-world project development with HANA Cloud, Containers, cross-containers
  • Data Integration with Smart Data Integration (SDI) with transformation technique
  • API business hub – API based S/4 HANA integration from BTP application
  • Low-code .. No-code based AppGyver web or mobile application development
  • AI & Intelligent Technologies based AI Business Service
  • AI based Chatbot (Conversational AI)
  • Application Security with XSUAA and Approuter
  • Background Job Scheduling for recurring business process
  • Alert Notifications for any issues, receive alert in email
  • Cloud Transport Management Service (TMS) based object movement
  • CI/CD based automation
  • And Lot More…. (just check the attachment for details)

After this Training, you can confidently appear for SAP BTP Certification (C_CPE_13).

But don’t worry, if you are new in cloud technologies, we will start from very basic level and gradually moved into advanced topics.

FYI.. many of our students are now leading the BTP projects in their organization.

So, if you want to be a confident developer and architect at the same time in your organization’s digital transformation journey, this course is for you.


For Further queries, connect: acloudguruji.sap@gmail.com


* Only applicable if you enroll with the full amount (no coupon code used)

** Only after completing the course (after practicing all the sessions)

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Course Content

1. Preface: 1.1 SAP Technology Evaluation Brief History of SAP Technology Evaluation 1.2 Basics of Application Development Software and Application Development Components: Infrastructure, OS, Application Runtime 1.3 On-Premise Vs Cloud Computing On-Prem, IaaS, Paas, SaaS 2. Introduction to BTP Developments: 2.1 Motivation of SAP BTP Data lake, Keep Core Clean, Integration Flexibility, Agility, Modern UX, Faster Business Insights, Innovation & Automation 2.2 BTP Application Development Environment Cloud Foundry, Kyma, neo, ABAP 3. Detailed Architecture of Cloud Foundry 3.1 Cloud Foundry 3D architecture 3.2 Routing & Auth Layer, Application Lifecycle, App Store and Execution, Services, Msg & Log

  • Prerequisites
  • Preface
  • Introduction to BTP Developments
  • Detailed Architecture of Cloud Foundry

4. BTP Management: 4.1 Data Centre - Regions Overview of BTP Data centres. Discovery Centre. 4.2 BTP Landscape Global Account, Subaccount, Space Practical Overview of BTP landscape in 3D Model 4.3 Hands-On BTP Landscape Setup, User Onboarding, Service Enablement, HANA Cloud setup 5. Preparing for BTP app development 5.1 Cloud Foundry Development Tools & IDEs CF CLI, SAP BAS, VS Code 5.2 CF CLI Commands Cloud Foundry Commands 6. Hands-On "Hello World" from BTP using NodeJS

7. BTP App with 3rd party API data 7.1 What to Build - Weather App 7.2 API test in Postman (rest client) 7.3 Hands-On : Build & Deploy weather app in BTP 8. Application Scaling 8.1 Horizontal scaling 8.2 Vertical scaling 8.3 Hands-On 9. Code Version Management 9.1 Git Overview 9.2 Hands-On : Git

10. Developer Perspective 10.1 BTP Development Architecture with 3D model 11. Architecture for SAP CAPM in 3D Model 11.1 CAPM structure explanation from development perspective (file/folder structures) 11.2 Why CAPM ? 11.3 Database Layer (CDS, HDI, DB Artifacts, CDL, CQL) 11.4 Application Layer ( Data sources, CDS Service, CDS Connect, CDS QL, CDS Users, CDS logs 11.5 Presentation Layer (View, Controller, CDS Annotations) 12. Setup for CAPM Application Development 12.1 HANA Cloud and Service instance 12.2 BAS โ€“ Business Application Studio 12.3 Data Structure โ€“ Computer Shop Application 12.4 Design time Artifacts and Runtime Objects Concepts

13. Hands On . CAPM (Backend = DB + SRV) 13.1 Build Computer shop Application with Low Code Approach ( SRV + DB ) 13.2 Explanation of mta.yaml file 13.3 Deploy Application Backend to BTP Cloud Foundry 13.4 Test deployed Service API (OData) from Postman CRUD Operation 14. Application Security 14.1 Authentication & Authorization Concepts with Examples 14.2 Secure backend service using Approuter and XSUAA 14.3 Hands On : Secure your backend service

15. Hands On . User Interface 15.1 Create Destination 15.2 Build UI5 application with low code 15.3 Create SO Create FIORI Element app 15.4 Create SO Display FIORI Element app 15.5 Deploy UI/FIORI application in BTP 16. Central Launchpad 16.1 Cloud Launchpad Service 16.2 Create Site 16.3 Content Provider, Content Explorer 16.4 Create Group 16.2 Test UI for CRUD operation Code Repo.. 17. BTP Application Extension (Side by Side) Architecture(s) Side by side 17.0 Side by side Vs. In App Vs. Custom Development 17.1 API First Architecture 17.2 API First & SDI Architecture 17.3 CPI Centric Architecture 17.4 Event Driven Architecture

18. HANA Application Development in BTP 18.1 SAP HANA Native Application Dev Space (BAS) 18.2 Realize SDI Architecture again 18.3 Architecture for SDI Data Access 18.4 SDI/HANA project prerequisites check 18.5 HDI Container more details 18.6 S/4 HANA or ECC data integration with SDI (Virtual Tables, Calculation Views) 18.7 All possible data integrations with SDI 19. Real world Use Case of BTP 19.1 API First & SDI Architecture 19.2 Case Study on real world use case.. S/4 HANA Extension application (Ex: Sales Order) SDI (Smart Data Integration) HANA Cloud Data Models CAPM Service building Chatbot using CAI Cloud Workflow Job Scheduling Alert Notification SAC overview BAS Destination Service App Security cTMS

20. HANA Cloud Architecture 20.1 HANA as multi model DB & Platform 20.2 HANA Architecture in 3D 20.3 Containerization Methodology & Best Practice 20.4 Cross Container Access Technique 21 HANA Cloud Hands On [Cross Container Access] 21.1 Build HANA project (master, sales) containers Replication T ask, Flowgraph 21.2 Work on container roles 21.3 Build CAPM project as consumer for Containers 21.4 Synonym options ( UPS & Dynamically schema access) 21.4 Work on Synonym (with grants 21.5 Test CAPM service with S/4 data validation

22. HANA Cloud Artifacts 22.1 Classic Schema Artifacts 22.2 Container Artifacts 22.3 Troubleshooting with Diagnostic files 23. Business Logics options Calculation View Database Procedure CAPM NodeJS 24. Cloud Workflow Hands On WF Inbox WF Builder Build Purchase Requisition WF in BAS Test end to end Scenario with Security mechanism Code Repo.. 25. S/4 HANA OData Analysis (API Business Hub)

26. Job Scheduling Job Schd . Service Call CAPM function form Job Schd Create SO in S/4 HANA 27. SAP BTP Intelligent Technologies 27.1 SAP Conversational AI (Chatbot) a) Introduction b) Intent, Expression, Entity, c) Prompt, Skills d) SAP CAI Framework e) Chatbot Architecture f) Hands On (FAQ Bot) g) Hands On (Car Rental Bot) h) STT TTS

28. SAP AI Business Services a) Understand All AI Services b) Hands On Document Information Extraction Service 29. Learnings so farโ€ฆ end to end real world BTP Project realization 30. AppGyver a) Low/No Code App Development b) Static View c) List/Object page with backend data d) Mobile functionality Scan product to get details

31. cTMS CI/CD Alert Notification a) Transport Object/App/Service (TMS) b) Automate Transport c) CI/CD Continuous Integration & Continuous Delivery d) Get Alert of Deployment in Outlook Email 32. BTP Development Personas 33. BTP Pricing Model 34. BTP Certifications

BONUS – Build Process Automation
BONUS - Build Process Automation

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2 years ago
Good content for SAP BTP Learners
2 years ago
Top-level course, really enjoyed each part of it.
I would say this is job-ready training, thanks Partha